Mami Moon can usually be found cooped up in her home recording studio, one that also doubles as a humble abode for the 23 year old Los Angeles born singer / songwriter. She was a creator from a very young age, but tapped into her prowess when she picked up a pink hairbrush and used it as a mic to belt along to Macy Gray’s “I Try” blasting from her mini Sony stereo. Now, Mami Moon beckons her listeners with airy vocals that pair against glossy riffs and the punch of a dynamic synth, mixed with the chaste of real instruments.

She simply can’t be confined to any one genre which is what makes her all the more alluring to listen to. The musician has turned to music in her darkest times and her most inspiring times, noting that there’s never been any other vice quite like that of sound, lyricism and instrumentation.

From creating hundreds of demos, to teaching herself how to produce and play the piano and guitar, to performing dozens of underground live shows over the years- the melodramatic yet whimsical self-taught musician known as Arielle by those closest  to her continues to draw listeners in and grow as an artist. As well as creating music, she produces and directs music videos, as well as projects beyond music.